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Showing 97 - 120 of 127 products
Classic Heroic Figure: Jason and the Golden Fleece Bronze Statue - Lost Wax Method
Lost Wax Method Detailed Handcrafted Roman/Greek Warrior Genuine Bronze Statue
Spartan Warrior Statue With Spear Bronze Bonded Hand Made Sculpture Figure
Genuine Bronze Greek Female Amazon A Spear Riding Horse Sculpture Figurine Deco
Franz Bergman - Austrian cold painted bronze Arab on horseback with Sword
Handcrafted Detailed Horse Pulling a Sleigh Bronze Sculpture Statue Figurine
European Bronze Figure of a Minstrel by Leon Fagel, Warrior Statue with Sword
Japanese Bronze of a Samurai on Horseback Meiji Sculpture Signed No Reserve SALE
Vintage Cast Iron Japanese Soldiers Bookends 100% Real Bronze Sculptural Figure
Bronze Sculpture Greek/Roman Soldier Holding Sword Hot Cast Museum Quality Work
Vintage RARE Signed Kamiko Solid Bronze Samurai Art Deco Marble Base Figurine
The bronze figurine depicts Napoleon with folded arms Lost Wax Method Bronze Art
Bronze Sculpture of a Roman Warrior by Huzel , French Masterpiece Detailed Deal
Bronze Sculpture Original Signed Artwork by Kaneve Persia Iran Reza Shah Pahlavi
Art Deco Classic Large Roman Warrior/Soldier Museum Quality Bronze Sculpture
Signed Original Tough Amazon Warrior Girl Bronze Sculpture Statue Marble Figure
Art Decor Mythical Attacking Amazon Female Bronze Sculpture Marble Base Statue
Art Decor Classic Roman Greek Warrior Bronze Sculpture Gold Accent Patina
Bronze Sculpture Roman Warrior Soldier with Shield Home Office Decoration
Detailed Handcrafted Spartan Roman Soldier Warrior Bronze Stature Verdi Gift
20" inch Tall Arab Soldier with Sword Museum Quality Great Detail Bronze Statue

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