100% Real Bronze Monkey Family Wild Animals and Wild Life sculpture by Canova Art

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Condition:This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions :
Height 7 " x Width 5.5"
Weight :5 LBS
Inventory: 31XN07345573

Experience the profound bond of motherhood in the wild with this beautifully detailed bronze sculpture of a chimpanzee and her baby. Crafted as a tribute to Canova's original work, this piece celebrates the universal connection between mother and child, as seen in nature.

Standing at a height of 7'' and a width of 5.5'', this sculpture is compact yet teeming with life-like detail. It features a mother chimpanzee cradling her infant, their expressions vividly capturing the essence of maternal love in the wild. It weighs approximately 5 lbs, testifying to its solid construction and use of high-quality bronze.

The artist has created a fine balance between realistic detailing and artistic interpretation, resulting in a sculpture that is both accurate and emotionally resonant. From the textures of the monkeys' fur to their expressive eyes, this piece is a testament to Canova's skilled craftsmanship.

This piece is a reproduction of an original artwork and carries the signature of Canova, the artist who originally created this inspiring depiction of motherhood in the wild. It bears the inventory number 31XN07345573.

Perfect for lovers of wildlife art and sculptural renditions of maternal love, this piece makes an eye-catching addition to any collection or decor scheme.

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