Art Deco Hot Cast Wildlife animal Puma Cheetah Bronze Sculpture Figurine Figure

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions:
Height 8" X Width 32"
Weight:24 LBS

He bursts into full stride, closing in on his prey with unwavering determination. Every muscle in his body flexes as he pushes himself to the absolute limit. This captivating sculpture invites you to immerse yourself in the action, unleashing your imagination as you join him on his thrilling chase across the vast expanse of the open plains.

Meticulously crafted with astounding attention to detail, this sculpture beautifully captures the cheetah's graceful stride, depicting the seamless transition of his paws and weight as he runs. His facial expression exudes a sense of calm, cool, and collected concentration, showcasing his unwavering focus in pursuit of his target. A soft brown patina accentuates the muscularity of the cheetah's legs, paws, and head, while every intricate detail of the head, including the shape of the skull, jawline, ears, and facial structure, is impeccably rendered.

Created using the renowned lost wax method, this bronze sculpture exemplifies the timeless artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Its sleek and graceful design is a perfect embodiment of the majesty of wildlife, making it an ideal centerpiece for any wildlife lover.

This extraordinary sculpture, in an impressive extra-large size, bears the signature of the esteemed artist Miguel Lopez, ensuring its authenticity and value as a unique work of art.

Indulge your passion for wildlife and bring the spirit of the cheetah's chase into your space with this exceptional bronze sculpture.

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