Art Deco Nude Baby Girl Playing with Turtle Bronze Sculpture Figurine Figure

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 8.5" X Width 14"
Marble Dimensions:14" X 6"

Height without base:7.5"
Weight:19 LBS

Indulge in the enchanting charm of Art Deco with this exquisite bronze sculpture, masterfully crafted by the renowned artist Aldo Vitaleh. Delighting the senses, the sculpture portrays a playful scene where a young schoolgirl engages with a friendly turtle, encapsulating a timeless innocence and joy. The sculpture stands gracefully on a square marble base, a testament to the artist's meticulous attention to detail and design.

Meticulously cast in our foundry, this figure is a testament to our commitment to preserving the artist's original vision. Crafted from the finest bronze material, the sculpture captures every intricate nuance and emotion, ensuring a true-to-life representation that Aldo Vitaleh himself has endorsed with his signature. This museum-quality bronze cast exudes an air of authenticity and elegance that is bound to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike, making it an exquisite centerpiece in any exhibition.

Experience the allure of this true masterpiece, an undeniable focal point that draws the admiration of all who behold it. For connoisseurs of bronze sculptures, this remarkable piece is more than an artwork – it's a timeless celebration of the harmonious relationship between artistic craftsmanship and the beauty of life itself.

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