Bergman Vintage Bronze Sculpture Decor Faun Satyr And Bookends Hot Cast Art Sale

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions :
Height 6" X Width 6"
Weight:4 LBS

This Vienna Bronze masterpiece, designed by the renowned Austrian artist Bergmann, is a two-part sculpture that gracefully combines the figures of a faun/satyr and a virgin. Crafted from high-quality bronze material in our foundry, this reproduction faithfully captures the essence of the original design. The faun and virgin figures are meticulously cast, exuding a captivating and harmonious presence that instantly becomes the centerpiece of any exhibition or collection.

What sets this sculpture apart is its unique and intimate composition, with the faun/satyr and virgin figures intertwined in a mesmerizing pose. The level of intricacy and craftsmanship invested in this piece is truly remarkable, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts of Vienna Bronze art alike. The signature on the inside of the bottom serves as a testament to its authenticity and heritage, while our stringent production control ensures the highest quality standards for these rare and exquisite bronze objects.

Whether displayed in a private collection or showcased in a gallery, this Bergmann-designed Vienna Bronze sculpture stands as a testament to the timeless beauty and artistic excellence of Vienna Bronze artistry. Its undeniable allure and expert craftsmanship make it a remarkable addition to any space, beckoning admirers to appreciate the unique and intricate details that define this captivating work of art.

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