Black Yellow Labrador Retriever Hunting Water Gun Bird Dog Bronze Marble Statue

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 9" X Width 12"
Marble Dimensions: 9 1/2" X 5"

Height without base:8"
Weight:10 LBS

Experience the unparalleled artistry of Milo, a world-renowned sculptor, in this exceptional bronze statue depicting a hunting dog on point. With a deep understanding of canine anatomy and conformation, Milo has masterfully captured the essence of each breed, setting him apart as a truly exceptional artist.

In this sculpture, time stands still, preserving a moment of intensity and anticipation that will be cherished forever. The hunting dog's muscular physique is expertly rendered, conveying a sense of power and energy ready to be unleashed. The dog's focused gaze and alert nose reveal its exceptional abilities as a champion in the field.

Milo's sculptures transcend mere realism, evoking the very mood and spirit of the hunt. As a hunter, you understand the exhilaration that courses through your veins when encountering a hunting dog frozen in an intense point. That same rush will wash over you as you gaze upon Milo's remarkable bronze sculpture.

Each Milo creation is a testament to his unrivaled skill and passion for capturing the true character and essence of hunting dogs. These bronze sculptures not only celebrate the beauty and athleticism of these noble creatures but also serve as timeless reminders of the bond between human and canine.

Elevate your space with the captivating presence of a Milo hunting dog sculpture. Whether displayed in your home, office, or hunting lodge, it will become a cherished centerpiece, igniting conversations and sparking admiration for Milo's artistic mastery.

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