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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 13" X Width 16"
Marble Dimensions:15" X 5 1/2"

Height without base:12"
Weight:23 LBS

Experience the heartwarming presence of "man's best friend" with this exquisite bronze sculpture that captures the unwavering loyalty and joy of a beloved companion. Poised attentively, this loyal dog eagerly awaits its master's command, its ears perked forward and a cheerful dog's smile adorning its face. A glimpse of its tongue and the wagging of its stubby tail convey the genuine happiness it feels in the company of its human family.

Symbolizing the essence of a true family dog, this sculpture encapsulates the multifaceted roles dogs play in our lives. From being a comforting presence for parents to becoming playful playmates for children, and a protective guardian during the night, this sculpture embodies the wholesome nature of canine companionship. With its full, round body and meticulously detailed fluffy fur, this sculpture radiates a lifelike charm that will resonate with any animal lover.

Handcrafted with utmost care and attention, this sculpture is a testament to the artist's skill and dedication. Crafted using the time-honored "Lost Wax Method," every detail is expertly captured, from the texture of the fur to the expressive features of the dog's face. The rich brown patina finish further enhances its visual appeal, adding depth and character to the piece. It proudly bears the signature of the artist Truffot, sealing its craftmanship and quality.

Whether as a heartfelt gift for a dog enthusiast or a cherished addition to your own collection, this bronze sculpture embodies the essence of canine companionship, making it a timeless and meaningful work of art.

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