Bronze of "Diana Chasseresse or The Diana of Versailles Hot Cast Classic Artwork

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 19" x Width 14"
Marble Dimensions: 7.5" X 6"

Height without base: 18"
Weight : 17 LBS
Inventory : 29X09327592 Sale$&$

This Beautiful Sculpture Of A Nude Woman Holding A Long Stick To Control Her Little Deer Is Outstanding. She Stands Proud And Tall Of Her Accomplishments, As She Dazes Off Into Deep Thought Of Whats To Come Next. She Stands Looking To Her Left, Her Body Is Amazing From Head To Toe, She Is Fit And Feminine Too. She Has Her Baby Deer Behind Her While She Pets Him With Her Right Hand Which Is The Free One. Her Hair Is Slickly Pulled Back Into A High Bun. She Looks Intensively To One Side Making Sure All The Rest Follow. This Gorgeous Art Piece Is 100% And Handmade And Bronze. Casted In The Ancient "Lost Wax Method" With Two Tone Brown Patina. She Is Mounted Atop A Very Nice Black Rectangle Marble Base, Signed By R.W. Lange.

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