Bronze Sculpture Art Deco Cute Dog Hunting Rabbit Home Cabin Office Decor Figure

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions:
Height 12" X Width 7"
Weight:7 LBS

Presenting an extraordinary bronze sculpture that portrays a dog, possibly a hound, proudly showcasing his hunting prowess. This captivating artwork captures a moment frozen in time, where the hound grips a rabbit firmly in his mouth. The hound's slim physique and pronounced ribs emphasize his agility and strength. As he sits, his tail gracefully wraps around him, adding to the composition's sense of movement.

With a gaze directed upward and to the right, the hound's eyes reflect satisfaction, likely acknowledging his owner for their shared accomplishment in capturing the prey. The snarl on his mouth and the visible grip of his teeth on the rabbit demonstrate his determination and tenacity. The limp posture of the rabbit resting by the hound's waist further enhances the realism and storytelling of the sculpture.

This piece exudes a rustic charm, complemented by its two-toned brown patina, adding depth and character to the artwork. Crafted entirely from 100% bronze, this sculpture exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and durability. It offers the versatility of being mountable on a wall, allowing for various display options.

Please note that the revised description aims to focus on the artistic qualities and narrative of the sculpture while maintaining a respectful tone.

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