Bronze Sculpture Hand Made Hot Cast Detailed Lion Vs Reptile Marble Figure

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Condition: This sculpture is in a O=perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 10" x Width 16"
Marble Dimensions: 14" X 7 ".

Height without base: 9 "
Weight : 20 LBS
Inventory : 7472K15647 SALE*

Almost nothing is known of Delabrierre`s life besides his works. He devoted his entire prolific career to animal sculpture. Born in Paris on March 29, 1829, he died there in 1912. He studied painting under Delestre but at a very early stage in his career he concentrated on animal sculpture and made his debut at the Salon of 1848 with Terrier holding a Hare and Wounded Deer. Delabrierre exhibited regularly at the Salon until 1882 and covered a wide range of animal studies, from racehorses and hunting dogs to game birds and exotic zoological specimens. His lions, tigers, antelopes, camels and bears were imbued with a spirit of realism and characterization, which was outstanding in the Animalier school. The theme of a Lion attacking a Crocodile was a popular subject and most artists of this time produced several in their careers. This is a good example of Delabrierre`s work and is viewable from any angle. It is finished in a rich red brown patina.

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