Bronze Sculpture Museum Quality Classic Dancer by Italian artist Aldo Vitaleh

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 12" X Width 4"
Marble size:4" X 4"

Height without base:10"
Weight:5 LBS

Step into the captivating world of cabaret with "Cabaret Final Pose," a mesmerizing bronze sculpture that captures the essence of a fierce dance routine's concluding moment. The dancer's aura exudes confidence as she strikes a pose, adorned in a short tuxedo, a choker bowtie, and a stylish top hat. This sculpture embodies the pinnacle of cabaret performance, symbolizing the grand finale on the stage.

Perched elegantly on a fine marble base, this masterpiece is the creation of the acclaimed sculptor Aldo Vitale from Italy. Known for his expertise in crafting tastefully elegant sculptures, Aldo Vitale brings an exceptional level of detail and craftsmanship to his work. His attention to every nuance of form and expression is evident in this piece, which radiates both energy and finesse.

It's important to note that this sculpture is an original creation, not a reproduction. Crafted in pure bronze, this statue bears the signature of the artist himself, Aldo Vitaleh. "Cabaret Final Pose" is a celebration of artistic talent, dance, and the allure of cabaret, making it an extraordinary addition to any collection or space.

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