Bronze Sculpture Nike Detailed Museum Quality Classic Artwork Figurine Figure

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 17.5" x Width 10"
Marble Dimensions: 6" X6" .

Height without base: 16.5"
Weight : 17 LBS
Inventory: 34EP42812943 A++

This replica casted in bronze is of the the Winged Nike of Samothrace,
one of the most important and beautiful surviving masterpieces of
antiquity.The original marble statue of the Winged Nike of Samothrace
(Nike of Samothrace) was uncovered on the island of Samothrace by
French consul and amateur archaeologist Charles Champoiseau in 1863
.In Greek mythology, Nike, also known as the Winged Goddess of
Victory, bestowed triumph, both in war and in contest. As a war
goddess she was often represented standing along side Zeus, Athena and
Ares. As goddess of contests, she typically is portrayed adorning the
winner with a victor's wreath and/or sash.The statue of Nike is one of
the greatest surviving sculpture masterpieces of the Hellenistic
period, even though it is significantly damaged; most significantly
missing its head and outstretched arms. Created by an unknown sculptor
(Rhodian in origin), the piece is dated between period 220-190 BCE.
This archaic duplicate can now be enjoyed on a daily basis for anyone
enchanted by this celebrated mastery or with Greek mythology. The
goddess was cast to the original likeness using the lost-wax method and
stained with a brown patina finish. She eternally stands upon a black
marble base.

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