Bronze Sculpture "The Jockey Boy" Art Deco HotCast Home Decor Decoration by Mene

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Wood Base:
Height 21" x Width 16" Wood Dimensions: 16" X 8"

Height without base: 14"
Weight :22 LBS
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Are you ready for the race of your life? This thoroughbred and jockey are on a mission to win first place. In full stride this horse gallops his way to a fast finish. Running on a grass track this horse refuses to lose this derby. He exerts full speed as he pushes against the wind, his tail fly’s back with force, as the jockey encourages his partner to go full speed ahead. The jockey and the Horse both wear a look of determination as they stare down the finish line. The Horse lets out a neigh while pushing himself to the limit. Beautifully detailed his muscles are hard as he runs, his chest bulges with energy. The grass seems to be untouched with hoof prints assuming our horse has the lead. The jockey stays concentrated as he kicks his heels inward, keeping his feet in the stirrups. This is a great action piece and deserves to be displayed up front and center on a glory wall. This is a great gift to give for an avid horse lover it is also suitable for the person with drive in their life. he handmade bronze sculpture was cast using the age-old method of lost-wax casting and stained with a brown patina finish for perpetuation. He is mounted upon a Walnut wooden base and is signed by artist p.j Mene.

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