Bronze Sculpture Tribute Museum Quality Marble Base Figurine Figure Hot Cast

EuropeanBronzeSKU: XNAB-127

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 10" X Width 14"
Marble Dimensions:14" X 4.5"

Height without base:9"
Weight:13 LBS

Embracing the Surrealist art movement, Commetti demonstrates his distinctive artistic vision through this intriguing sculpture. The piece invites viewers to delve into the enigmatic world of Surrealism, where reality and imagination collide, giving form to abstract concepts and emotions. Commetti's portrayal of a slender figure positioned in front of a towering and expansive wheel sparks curiosity and encourages individual interpretation.

As you engage with this sculpture, you'll find yourself drawn into a realm of juxtapositions and textures, each element carefully crafted to evoke unique emotional responses and ideas. Surrealism often challenges conventional boundaries, and Commetti's work is no exception. This piece is more than a sculpture; it's a catalyst for contemplation and conversation.

The sculpture stands proudly on a rectangular black marble base, enhancing its presence and serving as a sturdy foundation for this thought-provoking creation. Whether you're an avid admirer of Surrealist art or a newcomer to the genre, Commetti's work is sure to ignite your imagination and inspire discussions about its symbolism and artistic significance.

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