Chalet Lodge Art Elk Stag Buck Deer Hunter Bronze Marble Base Lodge Sculpture

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 24.5" X Width 17"
Marble Dimensions:4 1/2" X 5"

Height without base:21"
Weight:20 LBS

Celebrate the regal beauty of the deer family with this exquisite bronze bust that captures their majestic essence. The intricate details of the antlers command attention, curving gracefully forward with a series of tines extending outward. Beneath the antlers, two finely sculpted ears flank the head, guiding the gaze to the captivating eyes that exude both alertness and mystery.

Crafted with the enduring technique of lost-wax casting, this bust stands as a testament to the time-honored artistry of bronze sculpting. The brown patina finish not only enhances the fine details of the piece but also ensures its preservation for generations to come.

Resting on an elegant orange marble base adorned with subtle white accents, this sculpture is a harmonious blend of form and material. The inclusion of the artist F. Pautrot's signature further emphasizes the quality and value of this piece, making it a true collector's item that pays homage to the grace and allure of the deer family.

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