China FengShui Zodiac Bronze Rooster Yuanbao Ingot Statue Blessing Wealth 12"

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Condition: This sculpture is in a perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 12" X Width 9"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 5"

Height without base:11"
Weight:10 LBS

Introducing our captivating bronze rooster statue, adorned in an exquisite costume that showcases its vibrant feathers and colors. This magnificent sculpture comes to life as the rooster gracefully walks, heralding the arrival of dawn with its resounding crow. With a defiant gaze, it engages the viewer from beneath its crown of wattles.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Greek mythology, this sculpture pays homage to the belief that roosters would proudly rise each morning, greeting the sun with their triumphant cries, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness.

Crafted using the meticulous lost-wax technique, this bronze sculpture captures the intricate and lifelike details of the rooster's plumage, ensuring a stunning and realistic portrayal. To preserve its beauty, the sculpture is finished with a brown patina, adding a touch of elegance.

Mounted upon a sleek black marble base, this masterpiece is a testament to the artistic talent of Milo, the renowned sculptor who has passionately crafted this unique work of art. Each sculpture is signed by the artist, adding to its authenticity and value. Experience the allure and magnificence of this bronze rooster statue, an extraordinary addition to any collection.

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