Chinese Zodiac gold-plated Sculpture Handmade Statue Animal Figurine

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Condition: This Sculpture Is In New Condition. Sculpture Dimensions :
Height 10" X Width 8" Acrylic Display: 13" X 11" X 8"
Weight : 9 Lbs
Inventory : 54Sho751Gb10854 REFERENCE_NUMBER:SHO751GB SIZE:10"X8" (25x20 Centimeters) WEIGHT:9 lbs. Sale$

This Is A Real Bronze Coated In 24K Real Gold. Each Sculpture Is Crafted By Hand And Electroplated With A Secret Technique. You Can See The Great Detail And Craftmanship. It Takes 3-6 Months And More Than 25 Steps To Complete One Piece, Making Each One Unique And Meaningful. The Sculpture Comes In A Beautiful Acrylic Display And Is The Perfect Way To Show Your Everlasting Love For Your Significant Other Or Friends. It`S A Great Gift For Valentine`S Day, Mother`S Day, Father`S Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, And Other Special Occasions.

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