End of the Trail Pure Bronze Sculpture Statue by James E. Fraser Large

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 21" X Width 22"
Marble Dimensions:19" X 8.5"

Height without base:20"
Weight:35 LBS

Step into the world of serenity and companionship with this captivating bronze sculpture. It portrays a heartfelt moment between a man and his horse, symbolizing the deep bond and trust that exists between them. The man is depicted in a relaxed state, his head lowered in peaceful slumber, while his faithful companion stands by his side, watchful and protective.

The attention to detail in this sculpture is extraordinary, capturing the essence of the horse's grace and strength. Its powerful form and gentle demeanor are beautifully conveyed, showcasing the harmonious relationship between man and animal. Crafted with skill and precision, the sculpture is a testament to the timeless artistry of the lost-wax casting method.

With a rich brown patina finish, the sculpture emanates a sense of warmth and authenticity. It stands proudly on a black marble base, adding a touch of elegance and stability to its presentation. The sculpture bears the signature of the talented artist James Frazer, ensuring its quality and artistic value. This exquisite piece invites viewers to reflect on the profound connection and tranquility that can be found in the companionship of a man and his horse.

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