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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 21" X Width 9"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 9"

Height without base:18"
Weight:32 LBS

This enchanting bronze sculpture portrays the innocence and curiosity of childhood as two children walk together outdoors. With their clothes blowing in the wind, they are captivated by something ahead and below, prompting the girl to stretch away from her friend to get a closer glimpse.

Children's natural curiosity is beautifully captured in this scene, illustrating how their innocence and inquisitiveness shape their perceptions and experiences of the world around them. Their shared sense of wonder and exploration is evident as they embark on this journey together.

Mounted on a sleek black marble base and signed by the artist Milo, this sculpture serves as a timeless reminder of the joy and curiosity of childhood. It invites viewers to reflect on their own memories of discovery and adventure, evoking a sense of nostalgia and wonder.

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