Franz Bergman - Austrian cold painted bronze Arab on horseback with Sword

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 15" X Width 18"
Marble Dimensions:13.5" X 5"

Height without base:14"
Weight:23 LBS

Franz Bergman, an Austrian entrepreneur born in 1861 in Vienna, is renowned for his Viennese foundry, which became synonymous with the production of exquisite bronze sculptures. While often mistaken as a sculptor himself, Bergman's genius lay in his ability to conceptualize and commission works of art, rather than physically crafting them. He employed numerous anonymous sculptors to bring his visions to life, covering a diverse array of subjects ranging from erotic figures and animals to Orientalist scenes and mythological creatures.

Notably, Bergman adopted the pseudonym Nam Greb when signing many of the erotic works produced by his foundry. This practice served to shield his identity from authorities and evade potential penalties for the perceived immorality of such artworks during the era. Despite the controversy surrounding some of his pieces, Bergman's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation solidified his legacy as a pioneering figure in the world of bronze sculpture.

Bergman's foundry gained widespread acclaim for its mastery of patina- and cold-painted bronze techniques, which lent an exquisite finish to each sculpture. His contributions to the art world extended beyond mere production; his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries left an indelible mark on the Viennese art scene of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Franz Bergman passed away in 1936, leaving behind a legacy of artistic excellence and ingenuity that continues to be celebrated by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

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