Genuine Solid Bronze Girl Woman Indian Warrior Home Office Decoration Statue

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 17" X Width 6"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 6"

Height without base:16"
Weight:11 LBS

Presenting a magnificent bronze sculpture that pays homage to the strength and grace of a Native American woman embarking on a hunt. This sculpture captures her fierce spirit, silent confidence, and captivating beauty as she stands tall atop a grassy hill.

Adorned in a majestic war bonnet, crafted with meticulously arranged full eagle-feathers and intricate beadwork, she exudes a sense of reverence and power. A beaded choker adorns her neck, while a gun belt, complete with a holstered pistol and rows of extra bullets, accentuates her hips. Her attire features a long cloth that gracefully drapes between her thighs, showcasing the length and curves of her legs. A beaded vest covers the front of her chest, revealing her slender frame and leaving her sides and back bare.

With one hand, she holds a long rifle confidently by her side, while the other rests gracefully on her rear. Her thick, wavy mane cascades from the back of her war bonnet, down her back, adding to her commanding presence. Completing her attire, she wears boots that rise to her calves and are tied around the front with a rope, symbolizing her resilience and connection to the land.

This sculpture is a powerful representation of a woman who stands proudly alongside her male counterparts, exuding independence and strength. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, it is a testament to the artist's skill and dedication. Made from 100% bronze using the revered "Lost Wax Method," the sculpture showcases the artist's commitment to preserving the authenticity and quality of the artwork.

Mounted on a round black marble base, this sculpture stands as a symbol of resilience, empowerment, and unity. It is signed by the acclaimed artist Milo, further enhancing its value and desirability. Whether displayed in a personal collection or as a statement piece in any space, this sculpture invites admiration and serves as a timeless tribute to the remarkable spirit of Native American women.

Own a piece of art that celebrates the strength, beauty, and cultural significance of Native American heritage. This exquisite bronze sculpture is an extraordinary addition to any art collection, capturing the essence of a fearless woman who stands as an equal among her peers.

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