Guardian Lion Bronze Metal Detailed Artwork Barye Sculpture Statue Figurative Art

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Condition: This sculpture is in a perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions:
Height 11" X Width 26"
Weight:39 LBS

This striking bronze sculpture of a lion exudes power and majesty with its commanding presence and intricate detailing. The artist has skillfully captured the essence of this magnificent creature, from its piercing eyes to its full, mane-covered neck and massive claws. The lion's muscular physique and unwavering stance are a testament to its regal strength.

Crafted using the age-old "Lost Wax Method," this sculpture is a true work of art, with every detail meticulously rendered in solid bronze. The rich brown patina finish adds depth and character to the piece, enhancing its lifelike qualities. Signed by the artist Barye, this sculpture not only celebrates the beauty of the lion but also pays homage to the artistry and craftsmanship of the sculptor.

Whether displayed in a home, office, or outdoor setting, this bronze lion sculpture is sure to make a bold statement and become a focal point of admiration. It embodies the timeless allure of the animal kingdom's most iconic and revered symbol of strength and courage.

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