Hand Made Nude Angel with Violin Genuine Solid bronze by Augustine Moreau

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 12.5" X Width 6.5"
Marble Dimensions:6.5" X 5"

Height without base:11.5"
Weight:12 LBS

In this enchanting sculpture, a divine angel graces the scene, standing upon a billowy cloud as she serenades with sweet and soothing music emanating from her lute. The mid-sized wings elegantly stretch out behind her, adding a touch of celestial grace to her ethereal presence. Cascading waves of hair frame her delicate shoulders, enhancing the celestial aura that surrounds her. Adorned in a long angel's garment that gracefully drapes down to touch her feet, the sculpture captures the timeless beauty and tranquility associated with celestial beings.

Crafted with meticulous care, the sculpture is a testament to the lost wax method, a technique renowned for preserving intricate details and conveying a high level of artistry. The divine angel, with her serene expression and poised stance, becomes a visual symphony of celestial harmony. Resting on a black marble base, the sculpture gains a solid foundation that complements the celestial theme, allowing it to seamlessly blend into various settings. The base serves not only as a support but also as a pedestal, elevating the celestial presence of the angel.

The quality of this celestial masterpiece is underscored by the signature of the artist Moreau, establishing a connection between the viewer and the skilled hands that brought this angelic vision to life. Whether displayed in a sacred space, a serene garden, or a contemplative corner of a room, this sculpture becomes a focal point, inviting viewers to bask in the serenity and beauty encapsulated by the divine angel. The harmonious combination of form, expression, and craftsmanship makes this sculpture a timeless tribute to the celestial realm.

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