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Condition: This sculpture is in perfectcondition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 8" x Width 12"
Marble Dimensions: diameter 12"

Height without base: 7"
Weight : 13 LBS
Inventory : 2552147M4452 SALE*

This is a sculpture of the king of the animal kingdom, The Lion. He is powerful, strong and fierce but also passionate towards his mate and cubs. He walks through his domain, standing proud and creating dust which each mighty paw that he puts down. His face resembles the feeling of contentment, his eyes piercing as he wanders with a wide stride. His mane is thick, pronounced with each stroke of the artist’s tools distinguishable from the next. His body is smooth with a muscular tone that shows he may be an older member of his pride. He is 100% handmade and 100% solid bronze cast using the “Lost Wax Method”. He has a two tone brown patina and stands on a solid black marble base. Signed J. Moigniez. We also do have a matching set. Jules Moigniez was born in Senlis sur L`Oise, France in 1835 and died in Saint-Martin-du-Teire, France on May 29, 1894.  The son of a metal gilder, Moigniez was a student of Paul Comolera.  He debuted at the Exposition Universelle in 1855 with Pointer and Pheasant and Falcon and Weasel each in plaster.  He contributed regularly to the Paris Salon from 1859 to 1892 during which he exhibited over thirty sculptures including Pointer and Pheasant and Falcon and Weasel in bronze. He was awarded an honorable mention at the Salon and received a medal in London at the Great Exposition in 1862. He lived most of his life in Paris. During his career he was widely popular in France, England and America. His bronzes were most decorative, particularly those of game birds.  He also sculpted dogs, farm animals and equestrian groups. Moigniez`s dogs reflected the "naturalism" style of Pierre Jules Mene.  His bird sculptures were reminiscent of paintings by deHondecoeter, Casteels and Snyders. His sculptures of birds reflect dynamic movement, as if captured through a high-speed photographic portrait.      Moigniez bronzes were edited, (cast), by the foundry his father opened in 1857. A wide variety of patinations, including silver plate, golden bronze and gilding were unique to these lifetime casts. 

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