Handcrafted bronze sculpture SALE Dancer Female Style Deco Art French Stunning

EuropeanBronzeSKU: XNCH-1851B

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 9" x Width 13"
Marble Dimensions: 13' X 5".
Height without base: 8"
Weight : 12 LBS
Inventory 51XNCH1851B6715 SALE$&$

Stunning French art deco style bronze of a female dancer holding a parrot signed Joe Descomps Descomps was a famous artist working out of 1920s Paris and this is a later recast from the original. Artist has really captured the beauty and poise to the scene with great skill and Stands on the black marble base which is smooth and chip free - Offered in great condition ready for home use right away and Will ship to anywhere in the world.

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