Handcrafted bronze sculpture SALE Hero Wisdom Peace Goddess Athena Marble

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 22" X Width 8"
Marble Dimensions: 6" X 7"

Height without base: 21"
Weight : 25 LBS
Inventory; 52Y5289525

Behold the captivating presence of the Divine Angel, emanating a celestial radiance as she gazes resolutely into the cosmos, her wings gracefully unfurled. Nestled in her arms, she cradles a sword and helmet, symbols of her unwavering dedication in the heavenly battle between good and evil.

This exquisite bronze sculpture is meticulously crafted by hand, using the time-honored method of lost-wax casting, an ancient technique that ensures impeccable detail and authenticity. Adorned with a lustrous brown patina finish, the sculpture preserves its timeless beauty for generations to come.

Poised upon a black variegated marble base, this divine masterpiece stands as a testament to its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The European Bronze Finery stamp of quality, along with the artist Mercie's signature.
Immerse yourself in the ethereal allure of this divine angel sculpture, an embodiment of celestial grace and heavenly defense. Allow her presence to inspire and uplift, casting a hallowed glow wherever she is displayed.

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