Handcrafted bronze sculpture SALE Modern Deco Art Mona Lisa French Art Signed

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Condition: This Sculpture Is In Perfect Condition.
Bronze Dimensions :
Height 12" X Width 8 "
Weight : 11 Lbs
Inventory : 18X12717081 REFERENCE_NUMBER:XN1271 SIZE:12"x8" (30x20 Centimeters) WEIGHT:11 lbs. SALE$

Stunning Genuine Hot Cast Bronze Sculpture Mounted On A Solid Marble Base. This Bronze Measures 12" High And Depicts Mona Lisa, Inspired By Leonardo Da Vinci`S Famous Painting And Signed By Artist Fisher. The Patina On This Piece Is Exquisite And The Attention To Detail Of The Bronze Is Truly Exceptional. Please See My Many Photos To See The Chasing And Crispness Of The Cast. The Bronze Also Bears A Foundry Stamp As Seen In The Photos. The Mona Lisa (La Gioconda Or La Joconde, Or Portrait Of Lisa Gherardini, Wife Of Francesco Del Giocondo) Is A Half-Length Portrait Of A Woman By The Italian Artist Leonardo Da Vinci, Which Has Been Acclaimed As "The Best Known, The Most Visited, The Most Written About, The Most Sung About, The Most Parodied Work Of Art In The World." The Painting, Thought To Be A Portrait Of Lisa Gherardini, The Wife Of Francesco Del Giocondo, Is In Oil On A Poplar Panel, And Is Believed To Have Been Painted Between 1503 And 1506. It Was Acquired By King Francis I Of France And Is Now The Property Of The French Republic, On Permanent Display At The Musée Du Louvre In Paris. The Ambiguity Of The Subject`S Expression, Frequently Described As Enigmatic, The Monumentality Of The Composition, The Subtle Modeling Of Forms And The Atmospheric Illusionism Were Novel Qualities That Have Contributed To The Continuing Fascination And Study Of The Work

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