Handcrafted bronze sculpture SALE Pair Signed Gift Valentine Nouveau Deco Art

EuropeanBronzeSKU: DS-608

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Condition: This sculpture is in a very Good condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 16" x Width 7.5"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 7.5"

Height without base: 15"
Weight : 20 LBS
Inventory : 69DS6089196

The beckoning voice of love is a call not to be denied and this Art Decó Style work by Milo captures the emotion with uncanny grace. From their flowing clothes to their smooth happy smiling faces, every detail of this work of art is captured in museum-quality bronze. Our exclusive Sculpture makes an impressive addition to any established or fledgling gallery. Signed Milo These castings are of singular quality lost wax, bronze. Additionally, many varied techniques are employed to produce a variety of polychrome finishes each piece requires. Bases are made using marble. Effects achieved are often of classic proportions, with richness, a flashiness and opulence that simply have no equal.

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