Handcrafted Detailed Beautiful Dancer By Renown French Artist Jean Patoue Bronze

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 7 1/2" X Width 7"
Marble Dimensions:7" X 4"

Height without base:6 1/2"
Weight:8 LBS

Exuding sultriness and charm, this burlesque dancer captivates with every move, presenting a tempting show for the audience. With style and confidence, she kicks up her long, lanky leg, tipping her hat in a true cabaret fashion. Dressed in a shimmering costume with spaghetti-thin straps, her flirty red and gold patina dress and matching heels complement her thick, curly hair that peeks out from under a gold top hat. This bronze sculpture, cast using the "Lost Wax Method," captures the essence of cabaret allure. The artist Patoue's signature adds authenticity to this captivating piece, making it a stunning addition to any collection.

This sultry burlesque dancer sculpture is a celebration of feminine allure and artistic expression, embodying the spirit of cabaret with its detailed and alluring portrayal. The brown patina finish enhances the sculpture's depth and texture, creating a visually captivating piece that invites viewers to experience the excitement and glamour of a cabaret performance. Display this exquisite sculpture to infuse your space with the timeless charm and energy of the cabaret world.

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