Hot Cast Handcrafted Spanish Dancer Bronze Sculpture Home Office Decor LTD EDT

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 15" X Width 9"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 9"

Height without base:14"
Weight:13 LBS

Exuding an air of playful allure, the enchanting figure in this bronze sculpture captivates the crowd with her flirtatious demeanor and captivating charm. Standing with confidence, she engages the audience with a coquettish gaze and a mischievous flutter of her eyelashes, emanating the vibrant energy of a burlesque dancer at the iconic Moulin Rouge. Adorned in a corset adorned with delicate ruffles and an abundance of feathers, she exudes an irresistible aura of glamour and sensuality. With each step, she effortlessly sways her luscious legs, accentuating her alluring presence and commanding the attention of all who behold her performance. The meticulous attention to detail in this sculpture captures the essence of her dynamic movements and extravagant attire, inviting viewers to uncover new intricacies and nuances with every glance.

Crafted with precision and artistry using the revered "Lost Wax Method," this bronze sculpture exemplifies the dedication to quality and detail, ensuring a stunning representation of the burlesque dancer's vibrant spirit. The rich brown and red patina, embellished with exquisite fire red coral and gold accents on her bodice and feathers, adds a touch of opulence and elegance to the sculpture, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship and enhancing the figure's vivacious charm. This limited edition piece is mounted on a sleek marble base, serving as a sophisticated foundation that accentuates the sculpture's captivating presence and artistic significance. Bearing the signature and edition number of the esteemed artist Collett, this sculpture serves as a remarkable tribute to the timeless allure and magnetic appeal of the Moulin Rouge, making it a cherished and unforgettable gift for any enthusiast of the iconic era.

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