Large Tiger Attacked Horseback Bronze Sculpture Nude Women Handmade Statue Art

EuropeanBronzeSKU: STE-314

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Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 15" x Width 21"
Marble Dimensions: 11" 5.5"

Height without base: 14"
Weight :23 LBS
Inventory : 81STE31414518$&

The Mounted Amazon Attacked by a Panther was the work of German sculptor Auguste Kiss. Caught in the midst of the attack, the figures convey the violence and emotional tension of the moment. The Amazon was installed in 1837 at the steps of the newly built National Museum in Berlin, standing alone for several years until Albert Wolff completed a companion piece, The Lion Fighter. The Fairmount Park Art Association (now the Association for Public Art) acquired the plaster casts for both works in 1889, but the Amazon cast was in such poor condition that it could not be shipped to the United States.

Horse Mounted Female Amazon Warrior Queen Hippolyta vs. Panther Bronze Statue Sculpture STE-314

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