Lifelike Bronze Pheasant Statue Wildlife Sculpture Farm Decor Collector`s Item

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 8" X Width 12"
Marble Dimensions:6" X 4"

Height without base:7
Weight:7 LBS

Witness the breathtaking moment of a startled pheasant frozen in time. This exquisite bronze sculpture captures the intricate details of the extravagant male bird as it leans forward on its perch, emitting a cry of surprise. Its resplendent and elongated tail soars vertically, ready to propel it across the vibrant rolling hills. Handcrafted with utmost precision, this sculpture showcases the ancient art of lost-wax casting, ensuring every intricate feature is preserved. A rich brown patina stain enhances its lifelike appearance, while the sculpture proudly rests upon a black variegated marble base bearing the signature of the talented artist Milo.

Immerse yourself in the artistry and beauty of nature with this captivating bronze masterpiece. The meticulous craftsmanship brings to life the energy and grace of the pheasant's fleeting moment. The attention to detail, from the feathers to the expressions, is a testament to the artist's skill and passion for capturing the essence of wildlife. Whether displayed in a home or office, this sculpture is sure to captivate and inspire awe with its remarkable combination of artistry and nature's splendor. Add a touch of elegance and wonder to your space with this magnificent bronze sculpture by Milo, a true celebration of the natural world.

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