Nude Woman Sensual Decor Bronze Marble Statue Sculpture Elegant Classic Art Sale

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 19" X Width 12"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 12"

Height without base:18"
Weight:33 LBS

Indulge in the timeless allure of the human figure with our captivating "Nude Naked Girl Sitting Cross Legged Bronze Metal Figure Statue," a masterpiece bearing the signature of the renowned artist Colinet. This sculpture beautifully captures the essence of feminine elegance and poise, making it a remarkable addition to any art collection or interior decor.

Meticulously crafted through the ancient lost wax casting technique, this sculpture boasts the exceptional quality of hot cast bronze, ensuring its longevity and enduring beauty. The figure's serene pose, with crossed legs and a contemplative expression, showcases the artist's extraordinary ability to capture the natural flow of movement and intricate anatomical details.

As the leading dealer of small to medium-sized bronze sculptures globally, we take immense pride in offering a diverse selection of European bronze artworks at competitive prices. With prompt delivery from our New York warehouse within just one business day, your new art piece is guaranteed to arrive swiftly and in impeccable condition. Elevate your space with the timeless elegance and tranquility encapsulated within the "Nude Naked Girl Sitting Cross Legged Bronze Metal Figure Statue" – a true celebration of the human form and artistic excellence.

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