Odysseus Hot Cast Classic Collectible Greek/Roman Famous Soldier by Huzel Figure

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 16" X Width 9.5"
Marble Dimensions:9.5" X 6"

Height without base:15"
Weight:18 LBS

The bronze sculpture of a Roman legion soldier depicts a powerful and poignant scene of a warrior amidst a scarred battlefield. The soldier stands nude, adorned only with essential regalia symbolic of his role and status. His galea, or soldier's helmet, crowns his head, while a leather baldric crosses his chest, likely carrying a weapon. A paludamentum, a cloak fastened to one shoulder, drapes down his back, adding a touch of dramatic movement to the sculpture.

Captured in a moment of action, the soldier is depicted as if repairing a weapon, showcasing his dedication to readiness and preparedness even amidst the chaos of war. The intricate details of the sculpture, from the soldier's muscular physique to the textures of his regalia, are a testament to the artist's skill and attention to historical accuracy.

Crafted using the time-honored lost-wax casting method and finished with a brown patina stain, this bronze sculpture not only honors the legacy of Roman warriors but also stands as a work of art that captures the essence of courage, resilience, and duty. Mounted on a black marble base and signed by the artist Huzel, it serves as a tribute to the enduring spirit of ancient warriors and the timeless appeal of classical artistry.

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Absolutely magnificent In every respect.
Outstanding quality and value. My favorite piece. Classic and spectacular.

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