Original Milo Abstract Nude Girl Tribute to Botero Style Bronze Sculpture Decor

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 13 1/2" X Width 8 1/2"
Marble size:3" X 3"

Height without base:10 1/2"
Weight:7 LBS

Presenting a mesmerizing bronze sculpture by renowned artist Milo, capturing the essence of an abstract nude woman in a dynamic and graceful pose. Inspired by the modern Art Deco movement, this artwork celebrates the beauty and strength of a gymnast, showcasing their remarkable flexibility and balance. With incredible attention to detail, every curve and contour of the bronze figure is expertly crafted, emanating a sense of elegance and sophistication. This sculpture is an exquisite addition to any art collection, evoking a sense of admiration and awe.

Handmade with meticulous care, this bronze masterpiece showcases the artist's mastery of the medium. The sculpture's intricate details, from the delicate facial features to the carefully sculpted limbs, are a testament to the artist's dedication to capturing the essence of the human form. The bronze figure stands on one hand, a symbol of the gymnast's remarkable skill and poise. Its sleek and polished bronze surface adds a touch of timeless beauty to any space, making it an ideal centerpiece or focal point.

Whether displayed in a gallery, home, or office, this captivating bronze sculpture invites viewers to appreciate the beauty and artistry of the human body. It serves as a symbol of strength, grace, and the pursuit of excellence. With Milo's signature, this artwork is a testament to the artist's talent and craftsmanship. Invite the captivating presence of this bronze sculpture into your space, and be inspired by the elegance and power it embodies.

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