Original Milo Solid Bronze Planter Roman Decor Bronze Sculpture Statue Art Deco

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions:
Height 6 1/2" X Width 12"
Weight:10 LBS

This bronze sculpture beautifully captures the essence of childhood innocence and curiosity. Three young boys are portrayed with a sense of playful wonder as they peer over the sides of a candy dish, where a reclining nude woman is artfully sculpted. This artwork encapsulates the transition from youth to adulthood, symbolizing the eagerness to explore the mysteries of grown-up life.

Expert craftsmanship is evident in the sculpture's intricate details and proportions, creating a captivating three-dimensional effect. The dynamics of the scene are enhanced by one boy gripping a branch emerging from the bronze dish, while the others climb over each other in their enthusiastic quest to catch a glimpse. The sculpture's timeless elegance is further emphasized by the traditional "Lost Wax Method" used in its creation, resulting in a two-tone brown patina finish that brings out the artwork's texture and intricacy.

The signature of the esteemed artist, C. Korschann, adorns the sculpture, ensuring its quality and adding to its collectible value. This piece is not only a work of art but also a conversation starter that invites contemplation of the stages of life and the allure of artistry. Placing this captivating bronze sculpture in any setting will infuse it with sophistication, charm, and a touch of youthful spirit.

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