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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 24" x Width 13"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 8 1/2"

Height without base: 23"
Weight :19 LBS
Inventory : 31-56017M7613

This is a breathtaking limited edition sculpture of a Kinnaree woman, only 1 of 100 made. Kinnaree can be a man or a woman and is a beloved creature in Thai literature. Described as a beautiful half-woman, half swan, with the head and torso of a woman yet below the delicately tapered waist she has the body, tail, legs and wings of a swan. Kinnaree also has the wings of a swan. The Kinnaree is renowned for her excellence in singing, dancing and her graceful form is often seen in sculpture, traditional architectures, and temple murals. This sculpture in particular has the influence of a Kinnaree but doesn’t resemble much of the ancient Thai sculptures made of her. She is unique and you won’t find one like her anywhere else. Mounted on a solid black marble base and tapering up rests her long and elegant tail. It curls from the base upwards in a ¾ circle and attaches to the female’s body, merging under a skirt type decoration. Two swan feet emerge from the bottom of her body and dangle down. Her naked upper torso is lean and curvaceous. Her face is exquisitely detailed and refined, her eyes sleek and her ethnicity resembles the Thai woman. On her head three whimsical feathers extend from her hairline upwards. From where her arms would be stretch two big and beautifully details wings. Each feather refined from the next one as the cascade down the wings. The sculpture has an antique patina and is handmade of 100% bronze. Signed Marius.

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