Rearing Horse Man Trainer Equestrian Artwork Bronze Marble Statue Sculpture Gift

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 22" X Width 16"
Marble Dimensions:12" X 8"

Height without base:20"
Weight:39 LBS

In a display of wild fear and unbridled excitement, the majestic horse rears up on its powerful hind legs, creating a striking and dynamic pose. With its mouth open wide, emitting a resounding neigh that reverberates through the air, the horse's actions serve as both a warning and a proclamation of its vitality. The rearing stance, though captivating in its magnificence, also holds an inherent danger, a reminder of the untamed spirit of this iconic creature.

The sculpture masterfully captures this moment of intense emotion, showcasing the horse's intricate musculature and anatomy as it defies gravity. Crafted with precision and artistry, the bronze sculpture employs the ancient lost wax method, ensuring that every detail, from the flowing mane to the powerful legs, is faithfully represented. The sculpture's presence is further elevated by its placement upon a sleek black marble base, providing a stable foundation that contrasts with the horse's dynamic movement.

The artist's signature, Milo, serves as a seal of authenticity and craftsmanship, solidifying the sculpture's status as a true collectible piece. Whether displayed as a homage to equestrian beauty or as a reminder of the untamed spirit within us all, this bronze sculpture captures the essence of the rearing horse's energy and power, forever frozen in a moment of awe-inspiring intensity.

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