Rottweiler Dog Sculpture Hot Cast Bronze Statue Ornament Figurine Home Decor Art

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions :
Height 36" x Width 50"
Weight : 70 LBS
Inventory : 43-5031741034

Mans best friend comes home. This loyal companion awaits his masters
command. His ears perk forward as he listens and his tongue peaks out
of his mouth with a dog's smile. His stubby tail wags with joy. Like
most dogs, his life surrounds his master. A true family dog, he can be
a soothing companion to the parents, playmate to the kids and fierce
protector at night. He is no lap dog though, he has a full round body
and fluffy fur. Get one for the animal lover in your life. 100%
bronze, handmade and fully detailed, this brown patina sculpture was
cast using the "Lost Wax Method".

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