Signed Original Fisher Semi Nude Girl sitting on Skull of Demon Bronze Sculpture

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions 9 1/2" X Width 7"
Weight:12 LBS

This striking bronze sculpture offers a unique and intriguing tribute to the iconic sci-fi fantasy film, "The Fifth Element." Crafted as a hot cast representation of Aknot's skull, the leader of the Mangalore's, this piece captures the essence of the film's mysterious and otherworldly elements.

The skull, meticulously crafted in real bronze, serves as a compelling and ethereal centerpiece. It evokes the enigmatic and captivating world of the movie, making it an ideal addition to the collection of any film enthusiast or sci-fi fan.

Crafted with precision and care, this sculpture was created using the time-honored lost wax method, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. Resting on a sleek black marble base, it not only showcases the artistic prowess of the sculptor, Fisher, but also serves as a captivating conversation starter and a testament to the enduring appeal of "The Fifth Element." With the artist's signature, it's a unique piece that invites viewers to explore the rich mythology of the film and its fascinating characters.

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