Signed Original Floral Goddess Candle Holder Bronze Marble Sculpture Statue Deal

EuropeanBronzeSKU: YRD-1340

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions:
Height 13" X Width 5"
Weight:10 LBS

Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of this meticulously crafted bronze candelabra, a magnificent homage to bygone eras. Skillfully cast in solid bronze, this masterpiece features intricate hand-painted and antiqued accents that gracefully enhance its fluid contours and opulent design. Conjuring the ethereal allure of the Art Nouveau movement, this candelabra evokes a sense of dreamy sophistication, instantly becoming the centerpiece of attention.

Beyond its captivating aesthetics, this candelabra is as functional as it is beautiful, offering a stunning blend of artistry and practicality. The substantial weight and impeccable craftsmanship guarantee not only its visual appeal but also its robustness and endurance for years to come. Authentically signed by the celebrated artist Kassin, this collectible treasure exudes an air of exclusivity and refinement that elevates any setting it graces. Embrace the elegance and timeless allure of this exquisite bronze candelabra, a testament to the exquisite fusion of art and functionality.

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