Tall Nude Male Angel Carries Girl Bronze Sculpture Art Nouveau Mythical Deco

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions :
Height 19" X Width 5"
Weight:9 LBS

In this evocative bronze sculpture, a poignant scene unfolds as a nude male angel cradles a nude girl in his arms. The intimacy between them is palpable, with the girl delicately clutching her bare chest while tilting her head upwards towards her celestial lover and protector. Their nearly nude forms are adorned only by a light cloth draped over the lower parts of their bodies, adding to the vulnerability and sensuality of the moment.

The angel's gaze is forward, seemingly lost in dreams of their shared destination—a metaphorical oasis that holds the promise of eternal love. His expression conveys a deep sense of commitment, as if he is resolute in never letting go of the precious figure in his arms. Likewise, the girl, ensconced in the angel's embrace, radiates a sense of contentment and an unwillingness to part from the safety and warmth provided by her celestial companion.

The sculpture is set upon a long bronze stand adorned with intricate designs, enhancing the overall visual appeal and symbolic richness of the artwork. Crafted entirely from 100% bronze, the sculpture attains a timeless quality, achieved through the meticulous "Lost Wax Method" employed in its creation. The presence of the artist's signature, A. Moreau, serves as a mark of quality, linking the piece to the skilled hands and creative vision of the sculptor. The composition as a whole captures a moment of ethereal beauty, inviting viewers to contemplate the themes of love, protection, and the enduring bond between celestial beings and mortal souls.

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