Vienna Bronze Museum Quality Bunny Rabbits Bronze Sculpture Statue Gift Figurine

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 4" X Width 6"
Marble Dimensions:5" X 3"

Height without base:3 1/2"
Weight:4 LBS

Introducing a captivating bronze sculpture that beautifully captures the essence of the European hare, also known as the brown hare. Native to northern, central, and western Europe, as well as western Asia, this remarkable mammal thrives in temperate open landscapes. Unlike its burrowing relative, the rabbit, the European hare breeds on the ground and relies on its exceptional speed to evade predators. This sculpture masterfully portrays the hare's behavior during its spring frenzy, where playful chases and intriguing interactions unfold across meadows. The sculpture authentically depicts the hare's distinctive "boxing" behavior, shedding light on its unique social dynamics and mating rituals.

With its stunning two-tone brown patina finish, the sculpture vividly captures the hare's natural beauty and spirit. Crafted using the revered "Lost Wax Method," each detail is meticulously preserved, resulting in a lifelike representation that pays homage to this elusive creature. Resting upon a sleek black marble base, the sculpture exudes elegance and authenticity. Artist Nick's signature adds a final touch, certifying the sculpture's origin and quality.

This exquisite bronze artwork is a thoughtful gift choice, particularly during springtime and Easter. Its portrayal of the European hare's distinctive behaviors and characteristics makes it a cherished addition to any space. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or part of a curated collection, this sculpture invites you to appreciate the wonder of nature's intricate dance.

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