Vintage Bronze Devil / Gremlin / Gargoyle Bookends, Nice Detail & Patina Deco

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition. Each
Bronze Dimensions:
Height 5 1/2" X Width 5"
Weight:9 LBS

Gargoyles, originating from medieval architecture, were not just functional rainwater spouts but also symbolic guardians against evil forces. These creatures, with their fierce yet benevolent expressions, served a spiritual purpose by warding off malevolent spirits and bringing protection to the buildings they adorned. Our delightful Wind-stone interpretations capture the essence of these mythical guardians, adding a touch of charm and character to any space they inhabit.

Crafted entirely from bronze using the traditional "Lost Wax Method," this sculpture boasts a rich brown patina finish that accentuates its intricate details and lifelike appearance. The artist, Art Taylor, has skillfully captured the whimsical yet protective nature of gargoyles, making this piece both visually appealing and spiritually significant. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, these bronze gargoyles are poised to stand guard and enhance the ambiance of their surroundings.

With their wide-eyed expressions and symbolic significance, these handmade bronze sculptures embody a sense of tradition, folklore, and artistic craftsmanship. They serve not only as decorative accents but also as guardians that evoke a sense of security and historical mystique. Invite the charm and protection of these mythical creatures into your home or garden with this exquisite artwork by Art Taylor.

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