WESTERN COWBOY ON HORSE Handcrafted Decor Art Bronze Sculpture Statue Figurine T

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Condition: This sculpture is in a perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 15" x Width 18"
Marble Dimensions: 14 x 8".

Height without base: 14 "
Weight : 23 LBS
Inventory : 43-50572M8934

A cowboy charges across the dry land with his gun in the air. His horse gallops, with its nose pointed forward. The cowboy holds the reins tightly in his free hand and he squeezes his thighs on each side of the saddle so he won`t get bucked off. He is dressed in a shirt,chaps, boots and the stereotypical cowboy hat. 100% bronze and handmade, this brown patina sculpture was cast using the "Lost Wax Method" and mounted on a black marble base and is signed Remington.  

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