Western pure Bronze young women Girl Sitting Abstract Sculpture Figure Art Deco

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:
Height 12" X Width 7.5"
Marble Dimensions:5.5" X 3.5"

Height without base11"
Weight:7 LBS

Experience the intriguing allure of contemporary art with this exquisite female bronze figurine, a masterpiece signed by Collet. Characterized by its fusion of reduced shapes and captivating contrast, this sculpture stands as a testament to artistic innovation. The figurine depicts an abstract and erotic woman, poised gracefully atop a simple dark marble base that expertly accentuates the intricate decorative motif.

Measuring approximately 12 inches in height, the figurine's delicate craftsmanship is evident, especially in the intricate detailing of her limbs. The fragmented design imparts an aura of delicacy and minimalism, offering a dynamic visual experience. The combination of smoothly polished bronze parts in a golden hue and heavily textured surfaces adorned with a green patina creates a striking color contrast. This intentional design choice elevates the modest, feminine form, highlighting the artistry that lies in the fusion of these two distinct bronze finishes.

Part of an exclusive series available only in our Bronze Shop, "Sitting One II" is a testament to the exceptional quality of our high-end bronze figurines. With its captivating interplay of form and texture, this sculpture is a true embodiment of contemporary artistry, inviting admiration and conversation among art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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